Simple guide to using Dolcesoft fireplace software. Watch this introductory video first!

basic usage
Design Your Fireplace in 5 Steps – Overview
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Step 1 – Your Room

Simple guide to the first step of using Dolcesoft fireplace software. Simulate your chimney breast size, builders opening and even upload your own living room photo!!!

step 1
Design Your Fireplace – Step 1: Your Room
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Step 1 ( Advanced ) – Room Photo Upload and Preparation

Simple guide to the help you upload and prepare your own room photo to use with the Dolcesoft fireplace software. You will need a tape measure!

photo preparation
Step 1 ( Advanced ) – Room Photo Upload and Preparation
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Step 2 & 3 – Your Surround and Interior

Simple guide to the second and third steps of using the Dolcesoft fireplace software. Explore available surround options as well as our interior choices. Easily change materials and finishes where available.

step 2 & 3
Design Your Fireplace – Step 2 & 3: Your Surround and Interior
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Step 4 – Your Finishing Touches

Simple guide to the forth step of using the Dolcesoft fireplace software. Fine tune your hearth and interior type as well as material options. You can also select your ideal chamber finish here.

step 4
Design Your Fireplace – Step 4: Your Finishing Touches
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